Sears 109.20630 lathe
I got this little baby a few weeks ago at the local flea market for $15.  It is a Sears, Roebuck model
109.20630, from around the mid 50's.  Several web sites list it as being manufactured by Dunlap,  As
you can see, it needs a little work and a few parts.  Other then that it is in good shape.  The other
picture is a comparison with the little  7 x 14 Asian lathe.  The import is a lot more durable lathe and
weighs a lot more too.
The next two pictures are of the lathe
being taken apart for cleaning and a
paint job.  I also plan to do a few
modifications and repairs as the project
Below are a few pictures of the lathe after
painting and going back together.  I need to do
a little work on the head stock and rig up some
type of drive system, then I will be making
Below is a knob handle I turned for the
saddle hand wheel using the
cutter I made for the mini lathe.     
To the left is the
finished hand
wheel knob and
the tool post
base and rocker
that I made
because they
where missing.

I made these two castings
out of aluminum to mount
the motor.

Below are pictures of the
finished lathe