Projects page 1
This is a ball and radius cutter for the mini lathe.  I
designed it on AutoCAD after I got the concept
from another web site.  It had an indexable carbide
cutter and can make convex and concave curves.
This is a spur-drive and rest I designed using
Solidworks 3D CAD software.  I have used
it to turn down file handles and model
rocket nose cones.
I designed and built this vice to be used
on my mini lathe for a milling
attachment, before I got the mini milling
machine.  I use it now primarily with
mini mill.
I designed and made this brake
to do some small modeling.  In
the future I hope to show some of
the pieces and parts I make with
This rotary table for my mini mill is my latest
project.  I desighed it using Solidworks CAD
software and plan to cast most of the pieces
out of aluminum.  See my
aluminum casting
I made this fly cutter so I can face the bottom of
the rotary table casting.  I think I put the set screws
on the wrong side though.  Maybe it will still work.
It works just fine. 2/19/06
Projects page 2
Projects page 2
Quick change gearbox for 7x12 mini lathe.  No
more removing the cover and changing out gears to
power feed or cut a thread.  This project eliminates
that with a quick change of the two levers.  Best
time saving project ever!