Rotary Table     page 2
Here is a picture of
the worm as it was
removed from a
pump, and before I
machined it for my
rotary table.  
here to see a
picture of it being
turned down in the
mini lathe.
To the left is the lock collar that holds
the worm shaft to the bearing block.  
To the right is the dial.  I stamped the
numbers 0-5 and will scrib a line above
each number when the table is
Here is the 5" dia crs slug I plan to
widdle down for the table.  I had to
run the lathe backward and use a
boring bar to cut the O.D. down to
the desired 4.5".  This took several
hours because the lathe could only
handle a .007 deep cut per pass at
the required rpm.  As I was cutting I
thought to myself "Marcus, you need
a bigger lathe".  Click
Here to see the
O.D. and the MT 2 tappered hole
after hours of machining.  Click
to see me milling the t-slots in the
To the right are
all of the
ready to be
Below are a
few pictures of
the completed
rotary table and
dividing head.
Above is the casting and turning of a dividing plate. I plan to make
a few more plates with other number of divisions in the near future.
The four clamp blocks were cut
from a piece of plate and milled on
the mini mill.
Click here to see the finished project!